Special Programs

Special Programs

Theme Day

A longstanding tradition at CBB that divides the camp into two teams to compete in a variety of athletic, creative, and cerebral challenges! Both sessions have their own unique theme and schedule, taking up 2 days during first session and 1 during second. At the end of an incredibly fun and exciting change of pace, one team is crowned the winner of Theme Day!

Maccabia Sports Festival

A day-long sports and activity competition between the Montreal Jewish camps. Campers compete in a variety of events. It’s a great day to see friends from other camps, compete for CBB, cheer on our camp, and have an all around great day!


A Glee-style singing and music competition along with other camps in our community. It’s amazing to see the creativity and talent that our campers posses! It’s truly and amazing event that is quickly becoming a thrilling part of our tradition!


Our co-ed campers participate in a co-ed football games at the end of second session. A new tradition at camp that has quickly developed into an exciting few days filled with try-outs, practices, and of course the big game – with music, tailgating, and all the fun action!

Other Camp-wide Evening Activities

  • A weekly camp dance (usually on the beach, weather permitting).
  • Camp play, a production by all our talented actors, singers, and dancers. Past plays include: Frozen, Aladdin, and Beauty & the Beast.
  • Variety Show, where campers get the opportunity to show off their talents as individuals or with their friends!
  • Our famous weekly video presentation called CBB Live put together by campers who participated in our Media/Filmmaking activity.