Dates & Rates

Dates & Rates

Summer 2023

*Dates subject to change.

First Session ($5635):
June 27 to July 21

Starter 1* ($3795):
June 27 to July 13

Second Session ($4945):
July 23 to August 15

Starter 2*  ($3045):
July 23 to August 6

6 Weeks ($8050):
June 27 to August 6

Full Summer ($8625):
June 27 to August 15

Pioneers ($7935):
June 27 to August 15

SIT (Price dependent):
June 27 to August 15

Rookie Weekend ($250):
August 11 to 13

Price increase note: We have always appreciated the support our parents have shown us.  As inflation continues to rise we feel it necessary to raise our prices to reflect this reality, as well all prices include sales tax.

As always we will continue to be there for our families who need our help and we appreciate the understanding.

*Important reminder with regards to Starter 1 and Starter 2 sessions – in order to provide and preserve the best experience for everyone while at camp, campers will not be able to extend their stay past a Starter Session once in camp. You will be able to extend their stay up until the day before camp begins.