Frequently Asked Questions 

I have a very active toddler. How old does my child need to be to come to camp?
Campers must be fully potty-trained before coming to camp!

My child has a summer birthday. Am I allowed to send in a special treat for their bunk?
Campers are not allowed to share or handout snacks. However, we will celebrate all camper birthdays in true HPC@CBB fashion!

My child does not know how to swim. Do you provide floaties and life jackets?
All of our youngest campers are provided with puddle jumpers when swimming in the pool and are in lifejackets as soon as they step foot onto the beach. Due to Covid-19 rules this summer you may be asked to send your child with their own puddle jumper.

When is registration open?
Registration typically opens in May, keep yourself updated by checking our website frequently and following us on social media.