Rookies: 3-4 years (toddlers through Pre-K)

Our Rookie group gives our youngest campers a chance to experience camp in a warm and nurturing environment. Caring and attentive group leaders ensure that all campers feel safe and supported while trying new activities and making new friends. Small group ratios and a customized schedule with activities geared especially for younger campers help to create this very special program. The pace of the day is balanced to include both active and more relaxing activities such as bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and story time.

*Campers must be fully potty-trained before coming to camp.

Starters: completing kindergarten through grade 1

Our Starter group is an amazing way to experience the many incredible activities that are offered at camp. Lower staff to camper ratios ensure that these campers get the attention they need while having an absolute blast!

Juniors: completing grades 2-3-4

Our Junior group is the perfect program for campers willing to try a little bit of everything. Campers experience programs that challenge them while helping build their skills and confidence!​

Inters: completing grades 5-6

In addition to all of the activities that we offer at camp, our Inter group will have some input in designing their schedules, and in the activities that they choose. Campers do a wide range of activities and have special unit and milestone events!

Seniors: completing grades 7-8

The Seniors program gets participants ready for the leaders they will become by offering them engaging activities that help them understand group dynamics. Senior campers will participate in team-building activities, group challenges, and programs that continue to increase in complexity to match their developmental and social needs. Campers will also have the privilege to have more input in their weekly schedules.

Teens: completing grades 9+

This dynamic program has a combination of traditional camp activities as well as other opportunities to help set up special events for younger campers, participate in team-building and training activities. This amazing program gives these oldest campers hands-on experience at working with younger camper to prepare them for being future camp counsellors. Participants grow and develop their leadership skills through training sessions, workshops, and games on topics such as: supervision, communication, teamwork, programming, conflict management, and dealing with bullying.