Special Programs

Alongside our activities and options that take up the majority of our daily schedules, Camp B’nai Brith of Montreal prides itself on many different Special Programs that happen throughout the summer. Our Special Programs allow campers from different age cohorts to interact in a cooperative environment and in situations that are unique from our traditional daily schedule.

Day-long special programs, such as: Color War, Theme Day, Maccabi Sports Festival, Superbowl and Carnival, among many others.

Evening special programs, such as: Camp Dances, Israeli Dancing, Camp Play, our multiple camp-wide shows (Circus, Dance, Variety Show), CBB Live, Banquet, Slideshow, to name a few.

Furthermore, every unit has an evening program every night after dinner, unless a camp-wide event is taking place. Evening programs take place in each individual unit and sometimes expand to include all of Junior Side or all the Co-ed units or a combination thereof. Examples of evening programs include: Vegas Night, Capture the Counselor, Make me Laugh, and so many more!