General Donations

General Donations

Other ways you can contribute to Camp B’nai Brith:


We are thrilled to announce our partnership with ECHOage, a birthday party and celebration website that has the power to teach kids of all ages about the great feelings that come with kindness and generosity.  Your guests contribute any amount that they want (i.e., that they would spend on a gift), and half of the funds go to a gift that the birthday boy or girl chooses in advance, and half of the amount goes to CBB!

Having an ECHOage party has so many benefits: Your guests are thrilled as they don’t have to add “buy gift” to their To-Do lists, but instead donate to CBB with a few clicks of the button and receive a donation receipt. Your child gets one “big” gift of their choice instead of many items that they (or you!) don’t want. And most importantly, your child learns about charity and helps to send a child to camp!  

Of course, adults celebrating birthdays, retirements, graduations, promotions, etc. can also have an ECHO age party! It’s just a better way to celebrate!  Get started today by clicking here.

Oliver’s Labels

If you are already ordering labels for camp, school, or just to have handy, use Oliver’s Labels and CBB will get back 20% of the total amount! Personalize your kids’ camp gear with uber-durable Oliver’s Labels and help CBB! Please use this link.

Camp B’nai BrithTribute Card

Are you looking for a meaningful way to honour a loved one’s special birthday, express your sympathies, or celebrate an achievement? For a minimum donation of $18, we will send a beautiful handwritten card with a meaningful note. To send a card please click here.