How to Apply to CBB

Please read the following carefully as there is important information included. Then follow the link at the bottom of this page to our application site.

The CBB staff application is done completely online. Once you have registered through our system one of the Directors will contact your for an interview shortly thereafter.

Please do not contact the office for an interview unless you have already submitted an application and have not heard back. Applicants will not be considered without online applications.

New International Staff: Are you an international young adult currently residing outside of Canada? Are you interested in the Canadian summer camp experience? Please visit NYQuest for more info!

Returning International Staff:

  • You may apply directly.
  • Should you require a specific visa you may also contact NyQuest – however your visa and travel arrangements are at your own expense.
  • Israeli staff should contact our office directly and we will connect you with the appropriate organization.
  • Must have proof of medical insurance prior to arrival to camp in the summer.

Mandatory Dates:

What does ‘Mandatory dates’ mean?

The dates are Mandatory; this means you are required by your contract to be there at every meeting. There can be exceptions made with a valid reason that has been approved by the Camp Director, at least 3 weeks in advance and in writing.


1. Head Staff Pre-Camp:
June 15 – June 19

4. Head Staff return to camp:
June 20

5. Staff Pre-Camp:
June 21 – June 25 (begins June 20th for International staff)

6. All Staff return to camp:
June 26

Camp Dates – Click here to view our session dates.

CPR Certification

You must be CPR certified to come to camp as a staff member. CPR certifications are generally valid for 2 years. If you did your certification with CBB in Summer 2016 you are not required to recertify. Anyone with a CPR certification MUST provide CBB with a valid certificate. If for some reason you are not certified and you cannot make the CPR date it will be up to you to get your own certification prior to camp at your own expense. CPR certification is required for your contract to be valid.

We will update you shortly as to when our CPR training will be held. It will most likely take place on a Sunday within the 2 months leading up to pre-camp.

Background Checks

You must have a criminal background check in order to come to camp as a staff member. Criminal background checks are at the camps expense and are a requirement for your contract to be valid.

Medical Form

Once you have a signed contract you are required to have a medical form completed by a physician by June 1st , 2017. According to Canadian Law, your completed medical forms are a requirement for your contract to be valid.

Age Requirements for Positions

You must be 18+ years old to work at CBB.

In order to qualify for a counselor position in our junior units working with children from 7 to 10 years old you must be 19+ years old.

In order to qualify for a head counselor/ head specialist position you must be 20+ years old.

In order to qualify for a Head Staff position you must be 22+ years old.

Specialists: Click here to find a list of the options and activities that we offer at Camp B’nai Brith.

If you are skilled in any areas that are not listed, please feel free to bring attention to it in your application. We are always open to new ideas and activities! Some of our best programs have come from our own staff!

Requirements for Specialized Positions

  • Lifeguards: Must be NLS certified
  • Bus Drivers: Must be 25+years old and have a 4B license
  • Camp Driver: Must be 21+years old
  • Boating Staff: Must be Bronze Cross certified and have a valid Canadian Boating License. *In order to drive the waterski boat you must be 20 years old.
  • We reserve the right to enroll you in any additional training and certification in areas that we deem appropriate.

If you have a vested interest in an area that you are not certified in please feel free to apply and if necessary we will work with you to find you the appropriate training.

Rookie Weekends Staff Requirement:

Required dates: July 14 – 16 AND August 4 – 6

Rookie weekend Staff must be 21+ years old. You are not required to attend Pre-Camp however you must have previous CBB staff experience.