Athletic facilities

At Camp B’nai Brith incorporating elements of a sports camp into the daily routine is essential. We have a variety of athletic facilities that are sure to suit each camper.

gym pano

  • Our Ballfields are where our soccer field, football field, and baseball diamond are situated. The vastness of the fields allow for a baseball or softball game, football game and a soccer match to go on at the same time. Lights on the fields allow games to go on even after the sun goes down!
  • 4 brand-new, lit up Tennis Courts located outdoors and painted just like in the pros!
  • Our Gym houses the floor hockey option and contains 6 basketball nets. The gym is the main hub for sports on rainy days and acts as the main spot for camp-wide shows and dances.
  • Along with indoor basketball courts in our gym, outdoor Basketball Courts is the central point of our basketball option. One of three our courts is lit up for evening games!
  • Our Archery Court, new to camp this year, is safely located away from our other options.
  • The Fitness Room contains workout bikes for circuit training, weights for working out, and mats for Yoga or just staying in shape.

Our athletic facilities rival that of the top sports camp and ensure that each camper gets a dose of physical activity throughout the day.

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