Camp Outings

There are several camp outings that happen throughout the summer. All our outings are focused on either community connections, team building or group bonding, and our aimed at providing a change of scenery and of course a fun time!


Are longer trips consist of many different components, such as our Chicago trip with the Pioneers. The trip involves elements of sightseeing, volunteering, and a weekend at a Jewish summer camp on the east coast.

Short-term and day-long trips happen as special events and sometimes as a result of weather conditions. Examples of short-term trips are: bowling or a movie in rainy conditions, or a day at the waterslides when the sun is shining.

Outdoors 2

Our Hiking and Tripping program teaches outdoor skills, outdoor cooking, and the joys of sleeping under the stars. H&T trips range from a day canoe trip to an overnight hike with hotdogs over the fire.

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