First Time at CBB?

Since 1920 we have built Jewish identity, given independence, fostered friendship, and created lifetimes worth of memories.

We encourage campers to try new things physically, socially, and emotionally.

We create a family environment where we nurture our campers.

This is a place to grow, be independent and build confidence.

We offer programs that will encourage team building, skill development, respect of self and others.


Your child might be eligible for some extraordinary grants!

If your child is a first time camper, then your child may be eligible for a One Happy Camper Grant. There are no income requirements for eligibility and if you have more than one child who is a first time camper, you can apply for a  grant for each child. First-time campers who will be attending a full session, six week session, or full summer are eligible to receive $1,000. First time campers who will be attending starter camp are eligible to receive a $700 grant. Upon acceptance to CBB, you can apply here:  Print

CAMPS Access Grant for Returning Campers from Montreal

CAMPS Access Grants provide up to $1,000 off summer camp based on household income and number of children attending. This grant will be applicable for a period of up to three years for income eligible families. This program is open to all children registered at CBB who meet the eligibility criteria. First-time campers are NOT eligible as they can receive the One Happy Camper Grant, but may apply for a CAMPS Access Grant the following two years. Applications for this grant will be made available online shortly!Camps-logoIf you have any questions, or for more information regarding these grants, please contact

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