August 8 at #CBBMTL


Hello Parents!

Another Theme Day has officially come and gone and my predictions from last nights blog were true. It was one of the best I’ve ever seen as director and staff. Everyone was pumped full of energy from start to finish. We were blessed with one of our nicest days, not only of the session, but for the entire summer. Even in the hot sun, no one stopped running or cheering the entire day. Theme day today went from breakfast until GS and the schedule was as follows; the JInters and seniors/coeds alternated activities in the morning so while the Juniors and Inters were having fun at the water regada, the seniors and coeds were running around trying to catch their counsellors as they hid around a predetermined area of camp. Then vice-a-versa after lunch. Red team ended up taking home the gold for all four of these events but the Blue team took home the Tug of War before lunch.

After the rotation of those two activities, each unit took part in the Sportpocalypse! Each unit played a different sport whether it be soccer baseball, basketball, gaga ball, you name it. The wins for all these events were scattered with the Blue team taking the majority of them home.

At GS, we had the final culmination where both teams sang beautiful remixes of popular songs with original lyrics that they prepared for the theme. Then, to finish off this massive 24-hour extravaganza, the team captains had to dig through a bucket of ice to find either a paper saying they won or nothing, and the winner was…. The Red Team! I would like to personally extend a huge thank you to the Theme Day committee for planning this whole event; Michael Brecher, Amanda Myerson and Megan Littman, what a great job!

We then ended our day celebrating our final Shabbat of the summer! It was bittersweet, but absolutely full of energy! The ruach was absolutely in the air and I cannot have been more proud to be a CBBer!

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Yours truly,
Josh @ the camp that keeps getting better

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