August 3 at #CBBMTL


Hello Parents!

Who’s ready for some football!? That’s right, the SuperBowl has come to CBB once again. This year both the boys’ and girls’ games were some of the most intense games I’ve seen at camp in years. The girls’ team on the Cowboys won in overtime after a very close game. However, the boys’ team on the Broncos pulled ahead after being behind the whole game and pulled out a huge win. Even with just Coeds playing, all of the campers and staff in camp were involved. Watching almost every camper cheering on their friends was incredible and I’m so excited to see how this spirit carries over to Theme Day in the coming weeks.

Since the afternoon was devoted to the SuperBowl, the rest of the day was filled with the campers enjoying activities with their bunks.

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Yours truly,
Josh @ the camp that keeps getting better

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