August 1 at #CBBMTL


Hello Parents!

Today was a great day at camp, for the first time in a few days we finally had sun! It came out after a cold morning and everyone was so excited when walking out of the dining hall and into the hot rays. Today was also our second shabbat in camp, everyone had such a great time making the Challot together. Even with the rain, our Kabalat Shabbat was full on new songs and Yakov Sassi, as we gathered in the Main Rec before going to eat. The Challot was delicious, as were the chicken fingers.

The co-eds were hard at work, practicing for the big game on Sunday. It’s shaping up really well, the coaches working together to bring out the best from their teams. On Sunday we will find out which team will win, the Broncos or the Cowboys!

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Yours truly,
Josh @ the camp that keeps getting better

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