July 30 at #CBBMTL


Hello Parents!

What a day at camp today was. Even with the rain that we’ve been getting lately, the spirit remains at an all time high. Unfortunately, due to the rain, there won’t be very much to talk about in tonight’s blog. The campers had a blast at all of their options, whether the rain forced them inside or not, there were smiles all around. The campers who chose biking today got to go on a beautiful mountain bike tour through Saint-Agathe right before lunch. For lunch today we had Mac & Cheese! Everyone loved it and I even got such remarks as: “This is my new favorite meal in camp!”

Tonight was also the first dance of second session. All the campers and staff were dancing the night away with the help of our friends at Superior Sound. Along with the dance tonight was also the first CBB Live of the month. Media 2014 continues to be one of the best groups at media we’ve had and it shows in every video they’ve produced thus far. Take a look at tonight’s daily video, which is CBB Live, to see what I mean.

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Yours truly,
Josh @ The camp that keeps getting better.

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