Day 21 at #CBBMTL


Hello Parents!

It seems that we have begun those five days that end every month of camp, I like to refer to it somewhat like a conveyer belt. We have these annual events, and some new ones, that we start rolling out for the campers as they quickly build up the excitement for each one, and simultaneously come to the realisation that the month is coming to an end. Last night we had the play, which was awesome, sunday we will have slideshow and banquet and tonight we had the dance show as well as the final dance of the month.

The dance, as always was incredible. Superior Sound really knows how to throw a party and all of the campers are so into it. All the younger units especially, watching them dance the socks off in the front of the gym with all the dancers really puts a smile on my face. Even more than that, seeing people who have never even spoken, dancing together even if their in a different unit or are friends with different groups, is truly incredible.

Let us not forget about the dance show! All six dances that were performed made all of the campers look as if they were almost professional dancers who could have done that for a living.

Besides that, everything else is running smoothly here at CBB! Even though we got a little bit of rain during GS, the morning was beautiful. Even through the rain everyone was smiling and laughing as they tried to huddle under a towel or an umbrella.

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Yours truly,

Josh @ the camp that keeps getting better!

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