Day 18 at #CBBMTL


Hello Parents!

Well, what did I tell you? While some of our campers stayed at camp, most of us went down to Massad to participate in the annual Maccabia Sports Fest. While all our campers had a great time, the highlights were Co-ed Junior Soccer, Inter Girls Soccer, and Inter Boys Softball all winning silver. The campers came back so happy and excited, it was almost ridiculous.

SIT’s also had a great day going to JEM Workshop and volunteering. I believe it’s always good to give back a little bit of our good fortune to others. They then got to treat themselves to a little bit of fun at Laronde where they had a blast going on all the rides and enjoying the great food the theme park had to offer.

Another fun thing that happened today was that the Inter Boys went to camp our at an overnight sight. I can’t wait to hear all of their stories and their begs to go back.

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Yours truly,
Josh @ the camp that keeps getting better!

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