Day 15 at #CBBMTL


Hello parents!

Today was a very big day for us at CBB. Our weekend campers came up this morning and we’ve had the more campers come up today than in the entire history of all jewish camps in Montreal. We could have had even more but we decided to cut it off tag a certain point. These new campers are all prospective CBB-er’s for next year that wanted to come up and see what camp was like before they made that big decision to leave their parents, most likely for the first time or at least the longest, and come to camp for the summer. During the weekend the campers will experience all the things that your children do. they will be in bunks with their new friends, eat together, go to activities like waterski, media, circus, etc. Here’s hoping that they have as much fun, if not even more, as our current campers.

Tonight is also Shabbat, so as always we will enjoy a short sermon from Ronda who will help give us insight on our own experiences in camp through a more religious lens. Then we have fun, singing and dancing, with Yakov Sassi who always knows how to get everyone up and onto their feet.

Besides that everything at camp ran same as usual today. Everyone had a blast at their activities and a great time with their friends during the rest of the day as well. I know that everyone had a good breakfast because it was many people’s favourite, fresh pastries.

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Yours truly,
Josh@ the camp that keeps getting better.

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