Day 14 at #CBBMTL


Hello parents!

Today was a great day at Here at CBB and we’ve got lots to talk about, so why don’t we get started. Yesterday evening was our second dance and we decided to try something a little bit different for the starter campers final night. We allowed the campers to choose between a movie in the main rec, we played “Monsters University”, or the dance in the gym. It was huge hit with all the campers. Personally I am very happy with our decision because, at CBB, we pride ourselves on allowing our campers to have options in how they spend their days, and in turn their summers, by choosing their activities, where they sit at meals, etc. This is just another step in the right direction for us.

Not only was last night our second dance, but it was also our second CBB Live! One of the campers favourite moments at camp is seeing themselves and their friends on screen having a great time and it’s definitely one of mine too. So be sure to watch that video straight from our website or on our Vimeo account.

Today though, is also a pretty big day for some of our older campers since today our SIT’s started their second placement. Even though many of them were justifiably nervous on their first try, I believe from the extensive conversations I’ve had with the SIT’s that they are ready and excited for this next four day cycle.

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Yours truly,
Josh@ the camp that keeps getting better.

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