Day 13 at #CBBMTL


Hello Parents!

With Colour War now over camp is back to normal and everyone is getting back into the swing of things. Since our two week campers leave tomorrow morning, we decided to give them bunk activities so they could have a full, last day with their friends in their bunks, also so they wouldn’t miss out on the last three days of the four-day cycle.

Even though it was a little cold and cloudy today, we had minimal rain so I was able to do one of my favourite things and walk around from activity to activity. Seeing all the bunks together one last time before the starters leave was very touching because you could tell everyone was giving them that little extra bit of love. Whether it was letting them have the last pancake, or passing them the ball first in a game of basketball, you could tell all our month long and full summer campers are sad to see their friends go. They are also very excited to see some of their new friends stay, since this summer we’ve had some of the most two-week extensions in the past few years. I am just hoping that the faces that will leave tomorrow will be back again next year with the same smiles on their face and laughter in their hearts.

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Yours truly,
Josh@ the camp that keeps getting better

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