Day 12 at #CBBMTL


Hello Parents!

Just as quickly as it began, Theme Day has come to an end. It was an epic battle between both teams to find out which super hero would be the one to save the camp from the skulls and the ultimate hero! The day began with the Junior Apache, and though blue took an early lead in the 25-event race, red caught up by the fifth event and took a four activity lead over their competitors. It was only by the point that both teams reached archery (event 22) that the race got really intense. Both teams were neck and neck at the final event, flick the wick, in which one member of each team has to put out four candles using a spray bottle, until the shooter for the blue team shot out his last three candles almost simultaneously, sending half the room into an uproar of cheers.

After that incredible comeback story, we had our traditional silent meal. It was hilarious seeing all the campers acting out what they wanted from their staff whether it be going to the bathroom or more food. Obviously, being the only ones allowed to talk, the head staff had some good hearted fun with the kids, egging them on by talking loudly about how chicken tenders is their favourite meal and such.

The final activity of the day before culmination, which we’ll talk about soon trust me, was the Senior Apache. It was maybe the most intense race I’ve seen in years and even though the red team had a lead before the rope burn, the blue team was able to catch up and make good time burning that rope! In the end, it was the blue team who took home the rope burn and in turn the whole event for their team.

The culmination, as always was a very nice end to such an exciting two days. Both teams prepared beautiful culmination songs and the plaques they made were fantastic. All of today’s and yesterday’s events tallied together led to the BLUE team taking the win for Theme Day 2014! It was such a blast and I can’t wait till next month’s!

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