Day 11 at #CBBMTL

Hello Parents!

Colour War is officially on and as the first day draws to a close we have a lot to talk about. Even though it was cloudy all day and rained a little bit, the cheering and the energy were out of control! The day started with both teams running down to flagpole, ready to represent their teams. The campers were bouncing out of their seats when it was time for their cheer, and it was only due a little bit to the wet benches. The spirit followed through into the dining hall where both teams separated on the sides of the dining hall and didn’t stop cheering until the hand was up at the end of the meal. I’m surprised they even had time to eat!

As the day progressed and the sun began going down, the energy did not. Blue team has held a lead throughout the entire day, whether it be; playing the paddle game, the water regatta, or even jeopardy, the team has not fallen behind.
I’m excited to see if the red team can push a little bit harder tomorrow to bring home the glory.

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Yours truly,
Josh @ the camp that keeps getting better

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