Day 10 at #CBBMTL


Hello parents!

It’s theme day!

The campers faces were in awe as they saw their head staff jumping around flagpole in costume as they performed the opening skit. The theme this year is Marvel’s Avengers, and along with some excellent fake fights, the break also included a beautiful black vespa driving our very own ‘Iron Man’, Jarred Coxford through camp. Our head of athletics jumped on the roof of the dinning hall as Captain America, and all of the other heads playing a fun part as well.

The campers were ecstatic throughout the whole break and were especially happy when they heard the names of the captains being announced. Head counsellor of Intermediate Girls, Aviva Mastel, and Head counsellor of Athletics, Jake Silverman, were nominated as the heads of the blue team while Guila Ezerzer and Max Yentin were nominated for the Red team. I am personally very excited for the next two days to see the campers and staff’s spirit erupt throughout the camp.

On a separate note, today was the last day of placement for the SIT’s first cycle. I haven’t spoken to a single one that has had a bad week. Obviously they are all tired but they are saying that this week has truly shown them what being a staff will be like and they can’t wait to be on placement for another week.

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Yours truly,

Josh @ the camp that keeps getting better!

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