Day 9 at #CBBMTL

Day 9 at #CBBMTL

Hello parents!

Shabbat Shalom! Wow, it’s already our second shabbat together as a full camp, not only that but today was also just a generally great day. We had the same type of weather as yesterday, lots of sun but also tons of clouds so it wasn’t too hot. Not only was the weather nice, but we also got a couple of nice laughs when we saw the outcome of the Junior Girls’ evening program last night. Junior girls and boys had a Chinese Auction where each bunk bids on an unknown item that could either be good or bad. At flagpole, Junior Girls/boys bunk one came down with underwear on their heads and then another bunk had to perform the chicken dance for everyone. it was some very funny stuff and also very cute.

To get into the shabbat spirit all of the campers made challah together after lunch. Something I say every week is that even if you are not of the Jewish faith or you just don’t practice the religion, Shabbat at CBB is a time when all of us, from all backgrounds and walks of life, come together as one big family. The challah making is a perfect example of this, even though challah is a traditional bread for the Jewish people, it’s very hard for anyone to deny that it’s delicious, so we all make and then eat challah together.

In the same vane as the former paragraph, all of the unit heads prepare untraditional evening programs for the campers on friday nights. Even though they are called “jewish programs” they are not meant to make anyone feel uncomfortable. Each program is made so that, even though it may focus on a jewish story or lesson, it is all about the campers having a good time together.

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Josh @ the camp that keeps getting better!

Day 9 at #CBBMTL from Camp B'nai Brith of Montreal on Vimeo.

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