Day 7 at #CBBMTL

Day 7 at #CBBMTL

Hello Parents!

Today was such a packed day here at CBB! It was not just our first dance, but it was also our first edition of CBB Live for Summer 2014. It was also our first batch of intercamps! Oh, and how could I forget the first Wednesday sleep-in! A favourite of Senior campers and myself alike!

Intercamps took place at YCC! We had five teams pack up from breakfast and head over to play against the YCC campers. The Junior Girls and Boys teamed up to take home a tie in soccer and the Intermediate Girls took home a win in Nukemball. Unfortunately the Intermediate Boys lost 4-3 in hockey, but the Senior Boys managed to pull out a win!

Tonight was a great night! The first dance was a blast! Everyone was dancing the night away and the only thing I could see among the darkness and the flashing lights was their smiles. CBB Live was my highlight of the day! Seeing all of the fun skits and pranks that your children made together for the rest of the camp really put a smile on my face and on the faces of everyone watching. I can’t wait for the next one and I hope you guys take a look.

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Yours truly,
Josh @ the camp that keeps getting better!

#CBBLIVE Episode 1 from Camp B'nai Brith of Montreal on Vimeo.

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