Day 6 at #CBBMTL

Day 6 at #CBBMTL
Hello Parents!

Happy Canada Day! Today was just an overwhelming burst of energy from everyone here at camp, which was a welcome experience after the news we received yesterday. Everyone was smiling and ready to celebrate the anniversary of our country’s birth. I am a proud Canadian and it was very nice to see even our international staff and campers getting in on the festivities. They spent the day dressed up in red and white and waving around our flag as they walked through camp cheering with their peers.

Once again I was able to take a stroll through camp today and take at look at what everyone was doing on the last day of their first four-day-cycle. I have nothing to report to you all except for a ton of smiles between campers together and with their staff.

After my stroll, we all went to lunch, which was one of my personal favourites, chicken nuggets and french fries. I heard rave reviews about the meal and even some begging from campers asking to have it again tomorrow.

All the campers have chosen their options for their next round starting right away tomorrow morning after our sleep-in. To end our day off we all met at the beach for a firework celebration, and a prideful performance of the national anthem.

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Yours truly,
Josh @ the camp that keeps getting better!

Day 6 at #CBBMTL from Camp B'nai Brith of Montreal on Vimeo.

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