Day 5 at #CBBMTL

Day 5 at #CBBMTL

Hello Parents,

Today was a very emotionally tumultuous day for me at camp. It began with us all waking up to grey clouds and the anticipation that the weather would not be cooperating with us, but I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived at flagpole for lunch and the sun was shining down on our backs before we went into the dining hall. Lunch was a classic, grilled cheese and tomato soup, and was enjoyed by all.

The kids also began work today on the camp play. The staff working with the campers on the production really know what they are doing and I was very pleased to see such a huge turnout for the casting. Even at a camp where we truly embrace sports (just look at our beautiful new gym) it’s so nice to see that when we also decide to embrace the arts, the campers are all very excited and/or involved.

Unfortunately, even with all of the good that has happened today, we were saddened by the news that the bodies of the three kidnapped Israeli teens were found. We had a moment of silence tonight at flagpole, with a few words from myself and Rona. Being someone who works, and has worked, so closely with Israel and children for most of my life, this news has truly disheartened me. I mentioned to the camp that in life we should take advantage of every moment, and summers like the ones they are having, are a privilege.

I would like to ask that everyone who reads this blog tonight has a short moment of silence for these boys who senselessly lost their lives just for being Jewish. Until tomorrow, please don’t forget to “LIKE” us on Facebook for more updates!

Yours truly,
Josh Pepin

Day 5 at #CBBMTL from Camp B’nai Brith of Montreal on Vimeo.

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