First Day of 2014

First Day of 2014

Hello once again parents!

Well, it’s that time of year again! As you all obviously know, or at least I hope you do, today was the first day of camp here at CBB, and what a day it was! One of my favourite parts of the year is seeing all the hugs, smiles and, yes of course the occasional tears between parents and campers alike. Seeing all of you at the buses to see your children off is always very special for me as a father myself of children who will one day be CBB alumni as well. While we are speaking of campers, I am proud to say that this year we have the most junior boys and girls at camp since I arrived just four short years ago. This, along with all of our new and returning campers in other units, truly assures me that this is going to be one of the best summers we’ve had in the history of CBB.

We pride ourselves at camp for having some of the best camper/staff friendships in all the camps in Montreal. I can already tell you that I am certain this year will be no different. Immediately after the campers walked off the bus with smiles on their faces they were greeted by hordes of our staff cheering and waving, waiting anxiously to meet their news campers and friends. Not a single child left the bus without his or her teeth showing, even just a little bit.

We decided to change things up bit this year and instead of giving our campers Pizza for their first lunch they got penne with rose sauce with some garlic bread on the side. I’d like to say that I got their opinions on the lunch but it was a little difficult for me to hear their answers while their mouths were constantly full of food. I think we could take that as a positive sign.

Lunch was followed shortly after by some unpacking and the respective swim tests for each unit. I realize that your children would most likely not be looking forward to this combination at home but, with the participation and help of the staff, everything went smoothly and with lots of joy. The campers beds and cubbies have been made neatly and the swim test was enjoyed with many laughs, whether it be Inter boys and girls getting pumped up for the water by having a cheer off or just the staff getting in the water with the campers, everyone had a smile on their face.

The day ended with our Specialty Preview! This is the time where all the specialists in camp present their specialties with a fun skit or song. I must say, most kids were having a ball watching their own staff having some fun on stage! The campers then proceeded to their respective units to choose their options for cycle 1.

That is all for today! For our returning parents and new parents alike, this blog will be offered on our blog and on the Campminder news feed for summer 2014! So please be sure to keep an eye out every evening for a new post. Starting tomorrow camp will have truly started, which means I will have plenty to report tomorrow evening! Please make sure to “LIKE” us on Facebook for constant updates and news on what’s going on at camp.

Yours truly,

Josh @ the camp that’s always getting better!

Welcome Home | First Day of 2014 at #CBBMTL from Camp B'nai Brith of Montreal on Vimeo.

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