August 8 @ CBB

Hello Parents,

SONY DSCIt’s bittersweet, today was the start of the last cycle of options for summer 2013. It was a great day for all our campers who got their last shot to try out activities they have been waiting for throughout the session.

As the summer winds down, I cannot help but think of the experiences these campers have shared with us, and that we will continue to share for the last three days. Not only will they enjoy their new set of option activities, but they also have many more special events coming up, such as the slideshow, banquet and a few other surprises.

SONY DSCThis evening our campers got a real show! The Pioneers hosted their Variety Show. This year, every unit prepared a performance for the whole camp to enjoy. Some of the highlights were the Inter. Girls’ musical performance, an SIT’s model parody, a Junior Boys’ song, and of course the many Pioneers’ skits throughout the show. Every unit shined brightly and I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. Congratulations to all the units, you made me proud.

Yours truly,

Josh @ the camp that keeps on growing

Unit Blog: Tristan Dorfman – Inter. Girls

Hello parents!

I wanna start by saying that I feel honoured to be your daughters’ unit head!  Each and every one of them have a heart of gold and each bring something so special to our close-knit unit of 12 girls. Last night my staff and I celebrated the inter girls’ bat mitzvah! We decorated the rec hall, baked a cake and danced the night away! We have so many more exciting and fun programs coming up in the last few days of camp! I’m going to be so sad when the family we have formed will have to split up… until next year when we all meet again! The girls are all awesome and I am so happy to have created lifelong memories with them!

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