August 5 @ CBB

Hello Parents,

SONY DSCAlthough our campers woke up to a cold morning, the sun was shining brightly in anticipation of a beautiful day at camp. The kids had a full day ahead of them, and they faced it head on! Our SITs got an extra special treat by spending the day at Laronde and enjoying dinner at Pizza Pita. They all had an amazing time and we hope that this will be one of their highlights of the summer.

DSC09928Options again went really well today. We had an epic Gaga Ball tournament between the Sr. and Inter. Boys while our Pioneer girls got their grooves on at Dance. We have amazing campers here and to see them continue to develop their skills through our option based curriculum is heart warming.

As you can see via Facebook, we have begun a campaign to get One Direction to come to CBB. Yes, this may be a crazy idea, but the only way we will get a chance is to go full on. Over 1000 views later, we have been retweeted by Virgin Radio and have had a segment on Global Television’s Evening News. The response had been amazing! We ask that you consider to share the video with all your friends and family. Who knows, we may get a phone call in the very near future:)

That’s all for now!

Yours truly,

Josh @ the camp that keeps on growing

Unit Blog: Jessie Arseneau – Inter. Boys

Hello Parents,

It’s a week until the end of camp at CBB and Inter. Boys are having loads of fun with a series of evening programs such as: Chinese Auction and Knock Your Socks Off as well as many others. Yesterday night we had a particularly special activity where our Israeli campers came to our rec hall and taught us a few things about Jewish culture and Israel; the kids really enjoyed themselves. The kids continue to have a great summer and will have tons of stories to tell you when they get home.


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