August 4 @ CBB

Hello Parents!

SONY DSCThough the weather did not fully cooperate today, we still had an amazing first day of the second cycle of options. For breakfast, our campers enjoyed another camp favourite: French toast. After breakfast, campers worked on tidying their bunks; the five cleanest bunk will be rewarded with an ice cream party.  And the winners are: Inter.Girls bunks 1 and 2, Senior Girls bunk 3, and Junior Boys bunks 1 and 2.

SONY DSCOptions went well with Junior Boys enjoying time at LEGO, while Sr. Girls had a blast at Fitness doing some Zumba. The afternoon continued with some fun hockey tournaments with Inter. Boys and our Chalutzim campers showing off their artistic skills in Fine Arts.

We finished off the day withour classic Sunday night cookout! Our Junior campers spent evening program at the pool for their very own pool party. Senior Boys decided to take an easy and enjoy a unit movie.

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Josh @ the camp that keeps on growing

Unit Blog: Amanpreet Ahluwalia –  SITs

Hey Parents!!

It’s blog time again! It feels like months ago that I wrote my last blog; so much happens at camp in one day that a whole week feels like a lifetime ago. I’m quite thankful that I have the chance to write this, because being able to reflect on the past days acts as a reminder for me of what an incredible place camp really is.

In my last blog I talked about our surprise special event; the SITs organised a camp wide Superbowl in Senior Ball Field. The co-ed units participated and lots of the rest of camp watched. They did such a great job! They organised the teams, snacks, played and also provided half time entertainment! I wish you could have been there to see them; they were awesome! We also had a camp wide theme day, and I think that SITs are some of the best cheer-ers in camp! They were genuinely completely involved in every aspect of the day, just as much, if not more than a lot of the staff.

Also, after a long month of hard work, the SITs doing the Bronze Medals passed!! They all genuinely deserved it and those who participated have gone out for dinner tonight (much to the bemusement of some of the others)! The Canadian and Israeli SITs have been growing closer as the days go by; the Canadians have been incredibly welcoming and the unit is pretty much a great big international family! Placements have also been going really well, each one is better than the last and I have been getting some amazing feedback. Honestly parents, I know that your kids have already made a difference to the lives of the younger people that come to this camp, and I know that if they come back (which I hope they will), this camp will be a better place for it. I see them growing, maturing, discovering strengths they never knew they had and understanding how deep an impact they have the potential to make in the lives of others as the days are rolling by.

I know I say it all the time, but they make me incredibly proud. To reward all of their efforts, tomorrow we’re taking them to La Ronde and then on Wednesday we’re taking a trip to the waterslides! The last few days of camp are going to be action packed! Watch this space for more updates.  


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