August 1 @ CBB

Hello Parents,

994870_10151604728427523_71837435_nWe had an extra special day at CBB today.  It began very early in the morning for our Pioneer campers who were woken up before dawn to participate in a Gadna program run by our Israeli SITs from Beer Sheva. They participated in army-like training activities and all of them welcomed the challenge. This experience brought the Pioneers even closer. The goal of the program was to highlight to importance of the IDF and how essential it is to have a strong military in our homeland, Israel.


This afternoon, we had the pleasure of hosting five camps: YCC, Camp Massad, Camp Kinneret-Billuim and CBB of Ottawa, for the Segal Centre Sing-Off. Campers from all five camps put together their own performances. It was inspiring to witness such incredible talent. The judges had a tough decision to make, but Kinneret-Billuim came out on top. A big congratulations to all the teams for all their hard work and dedication to what ended up being a very entertaining afternoon.

Yours truly,

Josh @ the camp that keeps on growing

Unit Blog: Shayna Mestel –  Junior Girls

As the Jr. Girls arrived at Camp B’nai Brith, the fun began. The Jr. Girls unit was filled with the new campers and their excited smiles. The Jr. Girls have had the opportunity to experience new things, such as visiting the farm, creating objects at ceramics, and waterskiing. Everyday we have General Swim at the lake, weather permitting, where we enjoy snack and a refreshing swim. On Sunday, the camp was divided into two team for theme day – red and blue. One of our very own staff lead the red team to victory in a very tight race as the two team competed to complete Monsters Inc. as an action film (red) or a comedy (blue).

Some of the Jr. Girls have also had the chance to play soccer with other camps. On Saturday, to cool off from the heat, we had a Jewish Spelling Bee Water Fight, which the girls really enjoyed. Today the girls enjoyed the Segal Centre Sing Off, an inter-camp singing competition. Tonight we had a spa night, the girls relaxed while their nails were painted and they had cucumbers for their eyes. We look forward to the next two weeks of fun activities and making memories.

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