July 29 @ CBB

Hello Parents,

Theme Day has arrived at CBB! The entire camp was divided into two teams (red and blue). Each team represented the genre that they will have to incorporate in order to produce an ending to Pixar’s Monsters University. A big congratulations to our captains:

554889_10151599350772523_896188023_nRed (Action):

Jarred Cohen & Becca Luterman

Blue (Comedy):

Jake Miller & Emaly Ciubotaru

Our captains have shown that they are worthy staff to be given this honour by displaying positive leadership among their campers and fellow staff.

The entire day was filled with friendly competition-based programming that included, the Apache, Water Relay, Boating Games, Risky Business, Burst and Act It Out.

1012051_10151600439057523_1204996267_nThe day ended with culmination and the presentation of each team’s movie ending that was produced with the help of our very own media team. Both videos were amazing, and we cannot wait to show you the videos (see below).

After a day full of fun games, cheering and team building, it was time for our directors to announce the winner.

The winner of THEME DAY 2013 Second Session is… THE RED TEAM!

Congratulations to both teams on a job well done.

Yours truly,

Josh @ the camp that keeps on growing

Unit Blog: Amanda Myserson – Senior Girls

Hi Parents!

My name is Amanda and I’m running Senior Girls this summer. The Senior Girls have had a very exciting first week of camp and are having a blast. Wednesday night was definitely the highlight of the week. The staff surprised the campers with their induction into Sigma Rho. Sigma Rho is a milestone that the Senior Boys and Girls look forward to each year. They are welcomed into a fraternity and a sorority, and come together as brothers and sisters. This is a three year tradition that the campers are now a part of, and have received their Sigma Rho 2013 bracelets, which they all wear proudly. The next day the spirit amongst the campers was indescribable and they learned the Sigma Rho cheers that have been sung by previous campers formerly in the fraternity.

The Senior Girls are loving their daily activities. They have had the opportunity to experience Archery, Woodworking, Boating, Dance, and much more. Yesterday some girls from the unit went to play Newcombeball at Camp Massad and won the game! The team is looking forward to the upcoming games at other camps. We have another busy week ahead and I can’t wait to update you all on what we’ve been up to.

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