July 24 @ CBB

Hello Parents,

SONY DSCA cold day at CBB was no match for the amazing day we had today. Though warmer clothing was mandatory, our campers still got the enjoy the options. Our Inter. Boys got the chance to complete their woodworking projects, while our SITs continued to plan the 2nd annual Super Bowl which will take place this coming Friday.

DSC07278Today, we introduced our campers to Outdoor Adventure’s geocaching. This involves our campers using a map and a campus to find hidden treasures (candy). This is done during off periods  and is something the kids look forward to every summer. We also got the pleasure of witnessing some future super stars. Three junior girls got up in front of all of flagpole and performed Trouble, by Taylor Swift.

Today, we had the pleasure of hosting CPE Shalom Daycare for the morning. The children got the enjoy our most popular activities such as Media, Ceramics, Circus and the farm. They had a great time and we definitely look forward to their next visit.

Yours truly,

Josh @ the camp that keeps on growing

Unit Blog: Amanpreet Ahluwalia- SITs

Ello mates!!

I’m British so I’m trying to give you an authentic experience…but maybe I’ll stop at that. I’m Aman and I’m the new SITs unit head. Hello parents! Our SIT days so far this month have been packed with excitement! Our unit has almost doubled in size with 16 new Israeli SITs. The Israeli and Canadian SITs have been getting on REALLY well! The unit is more lively than ever and everyone is loving getting to know one another. We have been doing options in the day and have been lucky enough to get some of the best options in camp; we have ropes, waterski, canoeing and kayaking and lots more! We have also been working on a special project which is going to be revealed to the whole camp today, stay tuned for more information this Friday!! For those parents who have kids doing the Bronze cross/med; exam is going to be on Sunday. For everyone else we are getting ready to begin placements again in the next few days. Honestly though parents; your kids are AMAZING! My team and I feel so privileged to be spending our summer with such a special bunch of young people, and they are doing a GREAT job! You should all be very proud! I know I am!

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