July 23 @ CBB

Hello Parents,

SONY DSCToday was another great day for options! The weather continued to cooperate, which allowed me to visit options. My daily tour of camp was great. I got the chance to stop and see our Junior Girls at their Waterski option, and it was great. It was some of their first time on waterskis, and it was amazing to see their determination to get up on those skis.



We are so happy to have our Pioneers back in camp after their fantastic Chicago trip! They had a wonderful experience and had so much to share upon their return. Our Pioneers got to enjoy the sights of Chicago, and took in some authentic Chicago treasures. They volunteered planting trees at a day camp, went to a baseball game, and spent the Shabbat weekend at B’nai Brith Beber Camp in Wisconsin.


I am also pleased to announce that we have 2 new additions to the CBB family. At the farm, two rabbits were born on Sunday. Our campers have had the chance to get a glimpse of the two babies, and hopefully they will be hopping around soon enough.

Yours truly,

Josh @ the camp that keeps on growing

Unit Blog: Mitchell Posesorsky- Senior Boys

Second session has started and so far everything is amazing. We’ve been super busy since the moment the kids got off the bus. We started with some fun ice breakers and got to know each other better. All the campers started their options and are having a great time. We have so much more in store for the Sr. Boys this summer that they’ll be talking for years to come.

Until next time,


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