July 22 @ CBB

Hello Parents,

Today was our first round of options and with our luck, the sun shone brightly from breakfast to dinner. Armed with hats, sunscreen and water bottles, the campers were ready for a fun-filled day.

DSC07033They enjoyed activities such as Basketball, Outdoor Cooking, Jewelry Making and Music. You should hear some of our Chalutzim girls sinG! I anticipate them participating in the Segal Centre Sing-Off next week.

In the afternoon, our campers continued with their options before and then continued on to a camp-wide General Swim. They splashed around, swam, and some even danced.

998203_10151587374862523_1497020908_nDinner was another camp favourite: chicken fingers and onion rings. This meal definitely had our waiters and waitresses working on overdrive to satisfy the campers’ appetites. All our units ended the day with evening programs. Our Junior Boys played “Capture the Counselor” while our Senior Girls participated in a photo scavenger hunt.

This is shaping up to be an incredible month!

Yours truly,

Josh @ the camp that keeps on growing

Unit Blog: Shayna Mestel-  Junior Girls

IMG_0564After a long day of unpacking, swimming, and making new friends, we had an amazing evening program. Everyone in the unit, including staff, made a poster with their name on it and decorated it to their liking. I then taped all of them onto the wall to make mural called, The Mitzvah Wall. At the end of each day, the counsellors will awards a few campers for a doing a good deed or trying something new and the campers will do the same for the staff. Once that was done, the campers had a nice cool sleep.

Today, activities began and all the kids started the options they requested. The Jr. Girls went to the Farm, Circus, Jewelry Making, Swimming and much more! All I could see were growing smiles in every room. They will be in for many treats and surprises as the days go on…

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