July 15 @ CBB

Dear Parents,

Our campers showed no signs of slowing down on this, our second day of our final round of options. We had another very hot day, but don’t worry, we made sure that all campers were well equipped with sunscreen, water bottles, and hats.

DSC05672Options continued with Chalutzim at fitness, the Inter. units boating and canoeing on our beautiful lake and Pioneers enjoying some beach games. Our general swim period was especially busy with almost every camper taking a dip in the water to cool off.

Dinner tonight was a camp favourite: chicken fingers and curly fries! Our campers could not get enough of this culinary delight.

DSC05632Owing to the fact that the Tisha Be’Av fast started tonight, our evening programs were more relaxing than usual.  Chalutzim learned their unit song, while Junior Girls enjoyed a movie in the media shack. It was nice to see our campers take it easy in preparation for another fun and active day tomorrow.

Yours truly,

Josh @ the camp that keeps on growing

Unit Blog: Tristan Dorfman-  Inter. Girls

Hello Parents!

This week was a fantastic week for the Inter Girls! On Thursday July 11th, the Inter Girls all participated in a group bat mitzvah. As the head staff, I wanted to create a milestone for the our unit. I am happy to say that this was the first annual Inter Girls bat mitzvah and we had a blast! We ate dinner together in the main rec, followed by everyone dancing the horah! We had a candle lighting ceremony where all 43 girls lit a candle and then we had a great dance party! This night was definitely a huge bonding opportunity for all of the girls and the staff! We are all looking forward to making lasting memories as we enter the home stretch of camp and truly hope to see the girls back at camp next summer!

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