July 9 @ CBB

Hello Parents,

Today was an amazing start to our third round of options. Our campers were anxious to get back into the regular routine.

DSC03807I saw our campers enjoying Jewelry Making, Tennis and Woodworking. This cycle, we launched a Creative Writing option and a Camp Newspaper option with our own interim associate director, Annie Krespil. The campers had a great time in anticipation of publishing the first ever CBB newspaper!


Tonight was one of our most popular nights of the week. Our campers got to watch this week’s episode of CBB Live. We had some amazing videos for this week’s edition, which included a music video from the Jr. Boys, Punk’d by Chalutzim, and a hilarious high five compilation by people throughout camp. We then ended the night with one of the most energetic dances we have had at CBB in ages. It was nice to see all of our campers and staff let loose and have some plain old fun!

CBB Live is currently uploading to our Vimeo page. We will make sure to post the video first thing tomorrow morning on Facebook for all to see!

Yours truly,

Josh @ the camp that keeps on growing

Unit Blog: Alivia Wainberg-  S.I.T.

Sits have been very busy enjoying themselves as campers and as well, have been making a great contribution as staff in training. Some of the areas that they have been working on are: fitness, ropes, ceramics, boating and working with a bunk counsellor. Our goal is to ensure that the SITs gain the knowledge and tools in order to be effective staff for the coming summers. As the first month is quickly coming to an end, we will be going on several outings to relax and continue to bond with one another.

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