July 7 @ CBB- THEME DAY: DAY 1

Hello Parents!

Today was an extremely exciting day at CBB because it was… THEME DAY! The break for Theme Day occurred last night at flagpole with an amazing skit detailing this month’s theme, Mad Science. All our campers truly enjoyed the unexpected reveal of one of camp’s longest traditions.

A huge congratulations goes out to this month’s Theme Day captains.

Red team:
Rebecca Craft, Adam Rockman

Blue Team:
Val Choucroun, Shayne Boxer

These captains were carefully chosen by our camp directors to lead both teams on a fun-filled two day competition. Throughout the summer, our captains have shown a tremendous amount of leadership, positive role modelling and have served as a great example to the rest of our camp’s staff.

Today was full of friendly competition between the red team and the blue team. This morning, our Juniors had some fun making their own slime while the Senior and Co-Ed units both played Twister, Monster Hunt, Capture the Electron and many more hands on games.DSC02941

This afternoon, while our seniors and Co-Eds were having a ball playing even more creative games, our Junior and Inter. campers participated in their very own apache race. After an intense final task, the blue team came out the victors!



The day ended with an epic apache for our Senior and Co-Ed units. The race was at a dead heat until they got to the final stage of the race, the rope burn. Six staff were chosen from each team to collect wood throughout the day in order to build a 10 ft bonfire with the goal of burning a thick, water-soaked rope. After an intense 25 minutes of building the fire, the blue team came out the victors!

Be sure to check out the blog tomorrow evening to see who wins Theme Day!

Yours truly,
Josh @ the camp that keeps on growing

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