July 5 @ CBB

Hello Parents,

Today was another great day at CBB! Our campers had their fourth and final day of the second options cycle. All our campers continue to have a blast. For the most part, weather has been cooperating, which has made camp even more fun!

The beach seems to be the most popular place at camp these days. The kids take the opportunity whenever possible to take a dip and cool off.

I had a great walk around camp today that included stops at Archery, Tennis , and Woodworking. It is amazing to see the evolution of our campers’ skills at these activities.


We ended the our day with a beautiful Shabbat service led by our Head Staff team. The kids were singing and swaying to Israeli songs all dressed in their crisp white attire. Dinner included delicious brisket, mashed potatoes, and chocolate brownies for dessert!

Yours truly,

Josh @ the camp that keeps growing

Unite Blog: Mitch Posesorsky – Sr. Boys

The Sr. Boys are off to a fantastic start. Despite the rainy days, the kids have been participating in all their options, such as: waterski, hockey, music, and so much more! The fun doesn’t end just because options are over. The staff work endlessly on amazing evening programs every single night for the campers. Last night we introduced them to Sigma Rho, a running tradition only for Sr. Side campers that promotes unity, collaboration, and long last friendships!

Until next week,




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