July 3 @ CBB

Hello Parents!

We had another great day at CBB; the weather was great and everyone had fun. We had our first inter-camp with Camp Massad. Both Chalutzim and Junior Girls were involved in basketball and soccer. I am proud to announce that we were the victors in both games. Congrats CBB!DSC01687

Our second cycle of options continued with fun at jewelry making, an intense game of tennis and our campers are continuing to work on their projects at woodworking! General swim was a hot one, which resulted in a lake full of eager campers cooling off after a fun-filled day!



Our first camping trip went out this afternoon for an overnight experience. The campers got to enjoy some tripper’s delight along with great bonding time while learning some valuable camping skills.

Be sure to check back here tomorrow for more updates, photos and videos!

Yours truly,

Josh @ the camp that keeps on growing

Unit Blog: Shayna Mestel- Jr. Girls

Since the moment the Jr. Girls stepped off the bus, 17 smiles helped brighten up the camp. We started off with unpacking their luggage, giving the girls their bunk assignments and taking them on a camp tour with all the programs. After the first day, all the specialists opened their activities up and the girls went off to their options. Starting at the farm, we adopted bunnies and a pony, and enjoyed petting all the other animals. While they were busy at the farm, other were canoeing, kayaking and paddle boating. Three of the girls went waterskiing for the first time and successfully got up on the boom! Once the long day was over, we had a camp-wide barbeque with tons of food, music, dancing and fun! The kids were playing tag, singing and hanging out. That tired them out, so we made sure to get them ready for bed where we were stories, brushed our teeth, and got into pajamas and fell asleep! The girls are having a blast and the smiles keep on growing everyday!


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