June 30 @ CBB

Hello Parents!

We had one BEAUTIFUL day at CBB! The sun was out to shine, and we were ready to take full advantage of it! The day started off with some french toast and fruit! Our campers then began clean-up before a busy option day!DSC00473

Today, our media options were filming their episodes for CBB Live, Inter Girls were being mighty crafty at Ceramics and Pioneers built themselves a fort as a team-building activity!

Since the weather was on our side today, we took full advantage of it to host our weekly cook-out with hotdogs, corn and much more! The campers had a great time socializing with one another. We even managed to have an amazing spontaneous dance party at flagpole! It was truly a sight to see!

DSC00698Our campers were also given the opportunity to sign up for their next round of options! I saw our camper’s face’s light up reading what they could possibly be doing in our next cycle!

That is it for me! Below is our first Unit Blog entry by our Head Staff of Senior Girls, Amanda Myerson!

Your truly,

Josh @ the camp that keeps on growing

Unit Blog: Amanda Myerson- Sr. Girls

Even though it’s been raining, the Senior Girls have not let the unfortunate weather stop them from having a great time. The girls have been settling into their bunks and have been busy making new friends. Options are in full swing and they have been participating in activities such as ropes, archery, waterski, outdoor cooking, and much more.

On Shabbat, the girls sat down and created their own 10 commandments that would be followed in our unit and they came up with some really good ideas about how they should treat each other throughout the summer. There are some exciting things planned for the next few weeks that I’m really looking forward to that will make this summer something these girls will never forget!


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