June 27 @ CBB

Hello Parents!

Today was the day camp TRULY started for all our campers! Our campers were treated to Eggs and Hash browns for breakfast, which had our waiters working overtime to re-fill the plates! The campers then proceeded back to their respective units and bunks for their daily cleanup. This often involves making their beds, folding and storing clothing, and gathering laundry etc.

DSC00510Our campers then proceeded to their options! Walking around the camp was truly amazing. Seeing so many smiles on the campers faces doing what they enjoy! I passed by a group of Inter and Senior Boys playing some hockey, Inter Girls waterskiing, to Junior boys canoeing, it was mind-blowing to see camp finally back! Throughout the morning, the weather got better and better while the sun got brighter and brighter.

Our chef brought back an old camp favourite, Sheppard’s Pie with Popsicles as desert! After lunch, the campers got a bit of time off to play with their friends, rest up for the afternoon ahead.

DSC00666The campers completed their final two options and then proceeded to General Swim. After a quick explanation of our beach procedures, the campers were anxious to get in the water!

Evening programs were equally exciting tonight! Junior boys played capture the counselor, Inter girls bonding games and a high energy Chalutzim program definitely was a very sweet end to an amazing first day of options!

Yours truly,

Josh @ the camp that keeps on growing

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