First Day of Summer 2013!

Dear parents,

Wow! What a day for Camp B’nai Brith. So many smiling faces, hugs, and cheers which made the day quite special! It was great to see all of you accompany your children to the buses! The excitement in not only their eyes, but yours was truly special! By just being at the buses assured me this summer was going to be one for the record books!

DSC00044As our campers arrived, they were greeted by cheering staff anxiously waiting to meet their campers for the summer. The excitement was contagious, and no child left the bus without a smile or a giggle. Once all the campers arrived, all units began bonding. Whether it was through doing a swim test together, touring the camp, meeting their staff, the camper’s eyes were lit up with pure excitement.

Our campers were then treated to CBB’s traditional first lunch….PIZZA LUNCH! I was quickly re-assured that this meal is going to continue to be a staple of our camp menu throughout the summer!

photo 3The afternoon continued with more bonding that involved un-packing! Yes, probably not your child’s favourite thing to do, but under the watchful eye of their staff, all items were unpacked neatly in a timely fashion.

The day ended with our Specialty Preview! This is the time where all the specialties in camp present their specialties with a fun skit or song. I must say, most kids were having a ball watching their own staff having some fun on stage! To their surprise, we also revealed our camp dance for the summer! The campers absolutely loved it and anxiously joined in with their staff half-way through the song. The campers then proceeded to their respective units to choose their options for cycle 1.

photo 4That is it for today! For our returning parents and new parents alike, this blog will be offered solely on this website for summer 2013! Camp is in full swing as of tomorrow morning which means I will have plenty to report tomorrow evening! Please make sure to “LIKE” us on Facebook for constant updates and goodies.


Yours truly,

Josh @ the camp that keeps growing!

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