From the programming and incredible staff to the food and special events, everyone at CBB had a great time. I cannot believe that after the Lion King, the banquets, the outings, the trips, the Theme Days and our everyday programming, it has all come to an end. We put so much time into making sure that camp runs perfectly that there is such a letdown when it’s all over. The only cure for that immense void is to begin a project, something to take our minds off of the summer coming to an end. I have the perfect idea, let’s start planning for SUMMER 2013!!!

What a great project to end camp with. This will keep our minds focused on seeing all of our friends again very soon, while looking forward to meeting new friends that told us they were coming, and letting our imaginations run wild for new and exciting programs! We are convinced that summer 2013 will be the best summer ever, with new campers, new and returning staff and best of all we will be back in the place that means so much to all of us.

Enjoy our new website and apply for Summer 2013! While you are here, please take the time to go through the whole site. Our photos and videos are particularly interesting because it shows the camp in its true form. As the site is new, we welcome any and all feedback concerning the site. We are always looking for improvements.
I look forward to welcoming all of you next year to camp, our dates and fees are set, so now the countdown begins!!

@the best camp in North America

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